Personal training in wimbledon, Richmond & Putney.


Matt's ethos


Matt Pullan is a young, ambitious strength & conditioning coach and personal trainer based in Wimbledon. Matt is on a journey to motivate and inspire people to ‘find their balance’ in living an enjoyable, healthy lifestyle. 

Matt has had success with hundreds of clients, has worked on the sport science teams of Charlton Athletic FC, London Scottish Rugby, Nike Sparq and is currently head strength and conditioning coach of professional intercontinental welterweight champion, Gary Corcoran.


Personal Training



The Science

A personal training session with Matt can burn up to 1,000 calories or more. You'll tone up and boost your metabolism. Matt combines weight training with cardio and intense bursts of anaerobic exercise, when keeping recovery periods short, you'll keep your heart rate elevated through the workout meaning you'll burn more calories. All of these factors combined mean you'll increase your resting metabolic rate by 15%. That means you'll burn more calories just living your day to day life!


This is more than a few hours a week of training with Matt, this is a 24/7 support system that will allow you to easily track and achieve your goals. Matt uses body weight, body fat analysis as well as circumference measurements to track every aspect of your body. Using the SweatWithMatt app, you'll be have access to your stats visually, this gives you the chance to visually see how far you are progressing with your lifestyle and your training. 



Healthy eating made easy

Matt's worked with some leading chefs to develop healthy balanced meals that taste amazing and are easy to prepare. Matt understands that every human is different and takes this into consideration when developing his clients nutrition protocols. Losing fat comes from small changes in the kitchen and Matt really helps and supports his clients in making these changes. 



When you purchase a block of personal training sessions, you're not just paying for your 1-1 sessions, what you actually receive is an education in nutrition, fat loss and how to live your day to day life more healthily. Around the clock support means you're never on your fitness journey alone. You'll be motivated more than ever. 



10 sessions - £465 (£46.50 per session)

  • 10 one to one Personal Training sessions
  • An easy to follow nutrition plan 
  • Use of our SweatWithMatt mobile app
  • Daily check in's 
  • Discounts on Bootcamp sessions


12 Sessions £540 (£45 per session)

  • 12 one to one Personal Training sessions
  • An easy to follow nutrition plan
  • Use of our SweatWithMatt mobile app
  • Daily check in's
  • Discounts on Bootcamp Sessions 



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